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Full Redundancy is achieved by two standalone Data Centers

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The most critical fire prevention compartments are separated into two buildings which are both situated within approximately 70m and linked to each other with network and cable funnels subterraneously. The sections of the buildings are entirely autonomous and provided with redundancy. Among our four emergency standby power systems, the primary building segments are additionally attached to two different transformer stations, using our network ring.

The lightning-, fire- and sabotage security concept is dimensioned for guaranteeing high availability, even if an entire segment of a building fails or malfunctions. Therefore, our infrastructure can provide true redundancy, even if incidents, such as fire, airplane crashes or bomb attacks should occur.

The Hostway Platforms, such as our Cloud-Infrastructure HEP and VMware, optionally Active-Active combined with Load balancing or Active-Passive with Failover operation using separate fire compartments, are designed to overcome a distance of over 70m. Also, our private cloud systems can be provided with dedicated connections to use segregated fire compartments. We can provide solutions involving a total of 4 separate footprints from two fire compartments with cross-connected power and network supply.

As of 2012, we can provide the highest security standard of Tier 4 (Tier IV) on the application level. We also offer data center space according to Tier 2 (Tier II) and Tier 3 (Tier III) standards, as needed.

Our significant advantage compared to common failover scenarios involving two or more data center location is the availability of professional staff on site to guarantee a fast de-escalation process. Thereby a more risky and error-prone deescalation via phone, remote hands, or third-party technical support companies can be avoided.

We can also offer you solutions involving other international Hostway data center locations.

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