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Cloud Hosting

Our answer to Cloud Hosting

Our answer to Cloud Hosting

Skalierbar. Flexibel. Made in Germany.

Cloud Hosting

Why Cloud Hosting.

“Cloud” represents a dynamic IT concept, which can be customized according to your needs. The individuality and the direction that can be customized as the customer desires, is one of the biggest strengths of “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing”.

Cloud solutions do not only provide a more efficent use of resources compared to physical servers, they also enable a simplified setup of redundancies for high availability. This means higher uptime for your website.

Our Cloud offers:
  • A flexible system, which can be extended or reduce as needed
  • Adjustment of storage volume/system resources
  • Fast response to changing requirements
  • Interconnection of various devices, which however remain within a secure and fast environment
  • A stable and reliable IT-environment for your applications and systems
  • A better competitive edge through speedier load times and high availability of your services
  • The ideal custom solution for your Enterprise requirements!
Administrate your Cloud with vCloud Director:
  • Web interface for VM administration
  • Create new VMs
  • VM start and stop
  • KVM-Console for VMs
  • Allocation of virtual resources (vCPU, vRAM, Storage)
  • User-Management for access control
  • Template catalog for VM configurations

We provide and manage all the cloud resources that you need. There is no more worrying about hardware or infrastructure. The time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance of infrastructure, its monitoring, repair, or extension, is no longer an issue.

VMware Cloud Basic

Price CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth OS IP
Basic Cloud A € 9,99 mtl. * 1 vCore 512 MB vRAM 20 GB (RAID5) 500 GB Ubuntu 1 IP-Adresse Order
Basic Cloud B € 19,99 mtl. * 1 vCore 1 GB vRAM 50 GB (RAID5) 1000 GB Ubuntu 1 IP-Adresse Order
Basic Cloud C € 29,99 mtl. * 1 vCore 2 GB vRAM 100 GB (RAID5) 2500 GB Ubuntu 1 IP-Adresse Order

*Additional One-Time setup fee of 19,99 € per VM.

VMware Cloud Enterprise

Our professional enterprise platform with the highest redundancy and availability standard. A cluster array of multiple redundant server nodes enables a migration of your VM in virtually real-time onto another node, in case of hardware failure. Your data is stored and operated centrally on a high performance storage system with SSD disks. You also have the option to use a redundant storage array (the data is stored on 2 physically separated storage systems with an automatic failover).

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